Monday, February 3rd


The swirl R package is designed to teach you statistics and R simulateously and interactively. If you are new to R, have no fear. Following 4 simple steps you can start to enjoy R. First get R and install on your system, second it is recommended to install RStudio to make your experience with R much more enjoyable. Once installed, open R and get swirl package executing this command install.packages(“swirl”), then you can start your journey with library(“swirl”)

F11 Introduction to Computational Linguistics – LIN386M Home

Introduction to Computational Linguistics introduces the most important data structures and algorithmic techniques underlying computational linguistics: regular expressions and finite-state methods, categorial grammars and parsing, feature structures and unification, meaning representations and compositional semantics.

MySQL Utilities

MySQL Utilities is both a set of command-line utilities as well as a Python library for making the common tasks easy to accomplish. The library is written entirely in Python, meaning that it is not necessary to have any other tools or libraries installed to make it work. It is currently designed to work with Python v2.6 or later and there is no support (yet) for Python v3.1.

80 resources for learning D3.js

These are some books, tutorials, screencast videos and courses for learning D3.js, the wildly popular JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data, created by the genius that is Mike Bostock. And also take a look at this link D3.js 101. Last but not least this is a huge list of D3.js examples.


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